Case Study

Increasing engagement on My Learning page


I discovered an issue by going through Hotjar recordings and decided to increase the engagement of My Learning page.


I partnered with one of our Product Managers and the Sales team to figure out the pain points of Engineering Managers and newly hired Engineers. We referred to secondary research and sales calls with existing customers.

The EM's Problem

It takes 9-12 months to fully onboard an engineer to the team. The average tenure of an engineer in a company is around 18 months. That's around 6 months of productivity. The goal was to increase the productivity time of engineers.

The Engineer's Problem

Engineers consider learning as a huge part of their job and want to continuously learn new technologies and stacks in order to stay ahead of the curve

Competitive Research

We started looking at existing onboarding products to see how they attempt to solve the problem and figure out any gaps where we can have a competitive edge

Onboarding Plans: Learner View

Structurally, onboarding plans are classified into weeks, which contain the Tasks, Modules, and Connects that users need to complete for their onboarding.

Onboarding Plans: Editor View

A fully featured editor was designed to help our users easily create and Publish their plans. This took several iterations to perfect, and even more work is being done to this day. Users can add anything from a single piece of text to a fully coded application to their onboarding plans.

Onboarding Dashboard

A fully purposed dashboard was created for our onboarding managers based on insights which will help them make clear decisions about their onboarding plans

Onboarding Landing Page

In collaboration with Sales, I worked on designing our onboarding landing page. The purpose of this page is to invite users to our interactive demo and lead them to a discussion with Sales.

Feature that failed

We went on to design several features throughout the year. As we scaled the product, we made some mistakes, and we are transferring the learnings to our ongoing work.

Ask for Help

We built a feature for our users to ask their mentors for help whenever they are stuck in an onboarding plan. However, we found the following:

  1. People are hesitant to accept the fact that they are stuck

  2. They would rather talk to their mentor in person or via Slack

  3. People are more likely to talk to their peers in-person and solve problems together.

Learning Outcomes

Talk to the users to discover their pain points. Some behaviors are not translatable to a feature and validate the feature with an MVP version before focusing the effort on a full-fledged design.

The aftermath

Onboarding ended up becoming very successful with our Enterprise customers. We went on to have calls with our customers to improve their experience and respond to feature requests. We integrated the feedback, continued to improve our UX, and made it resilient over time.

There are a lot of things I am not able to list in the case study due to the scale of the product. However, I am happy to discuss the details during the interview. If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out to me.